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Mumby’s Tree Services Ltd. has developed many inventory formats for communities, parks and golf courses in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Our program will provide your organization with top-level care for your urban forest. We use Trimble products, the latest in GPS technology. Accurate geographic positioning is created with a Windows friendly format.



  1. Identify current and potential tree problems
  2. Plan for budgets, planting requirements and tree maintenance schedules
  3. Set up a plant health care program including disease prevention.
  4. Know the current condition of your trees enabling implementation of the correct PHC program.


  1. Together with the client, we decide which tree attributes are needed in the database (i.e. type of tree/condition/size/location/GPS).
  2. We develop a database format for you and field test it.
  3. Mumby’s Tree Services Ltd. or your staff members collect data.
  4. The data is entered into a database, evaluated and presented to your organization.
  5. Mumby’s Tree Services will provide recommendations from the inventory and maintain the database for you.

Mumby’s Tree Services Ltd. will provide reliable estimates for the following:

  1. Developing your database
  2. Collecting data
  3. Inputting the data
  4. Evaluating the data
  5. Maintaining the data

Mumby’s Tree Services Ltd. carries full liability and WCB insurance.


Verna Mumby, ISA Certified Arborist

GPS Mapping Services to track tree inventories



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